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Broadcast Cybersecurity Risk Planning and Management

Targeted at those working in the engineering and IT roles, learners examine how to develop plans for dealing with risks to their information and broadcast systems. This course focuses on four aspects of cyber risk planning and management - Asset management, Governance, Risk Assessment and Management, and Supply Chain Risk Management- and the key tasks associated with each.

Content in this course correlates to categories and subcategories found in the Identify function of the NIST framework.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Inventory Every Physical Device and System and Keep the Inventory Updated
  • Inventory Every Software Platform and Application and Keep the Inventory Updated
  • Prioritize Every Device, Software Platform, and Application Based on Importance
  • Establish Personnel Security Requirements, Including Third-Party Stakeholders
  • Educate Management about Risk
  • Explain Where Vulnerabilities Exist
  • Identify Threats, Both Internal and External
  • Develop Plans for Dealing with the Highest Risks
  • Explain How to Develop an Effective Supply Chain Risk Management Process
  • Define Hallmarks of Good Supply Chain Risk Management Procedures

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