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Tailoring Cybersecurity for Broadcast Media

As the role of IT and IP grows in broadcast media, cybersecurity risks are impacting content, customer data, service and business continuity. Legacy broadcast technology infrastructure used to be isolated and mainly hardware based, and thus less exposed to cybersecurity risks. Now, broadcast functions are increasingly based on software and connected to internal and external IP networks and are potentially insecure if proper preventive and reactive actions are not taken to mitigate and manage those risks.

In this webcast we will discuss why media companies need to develop a whole new area of competence in cybersecurity, a topic no longer relegated to IT departments, but now a business priority. Key topics include:

  • Market challenges facing media companies
  • Production chain concerns: key risks and weaknesses
  • Securing the broadcast media sector: where to begin?
    • Prevention and protection
    • Detection and remediation