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Political Advertising Primer

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) expects broadcasters to fulfill all obligations that fall under the political broadcasting rules. The Political Advertising Primer teaches the terminology and processes for stations to be in full compliance with the FCC’s political broadcasting rules.

The course includes one lesson with seven learning modules that will take no more than 90 minutes to complete. Each module in this course focuses on a specific set of political broadcasting rules about:

  • Determining the “Legally Qualified” status of candidates
  • Ensuring the correct “use” of broadcast facilities
  • Providing reasonable access to legally qualified candidates
  • Making equal opportunities available to legally qualified candidates
  • Ensuring proper sponsorship identification in political advertisements
  • Calculating and offering the lowest unit charge (LUC) for certain political advertisements
  • Uploading political advertising information to the broadcaster’s online political file

Course participants are reminded that this learning exercise serves only as a guide and is not a substitute for legal advice. Licensees should consult their station’s counsel if the need for specific legal advice arises.

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