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The Time is Now to Get Your Political Broadcasting File Into Shape

The transition of political broadcasting files to the FCC-hosted online database has increased scrutiny of your compliance with the FCC’s rules. Documents in the online political file are now readily accessible and date-stamped, so promptly uploading all required information about political ads is more critical than ever. The FCC is closely monitoring station compliance and issuing consent decrees and other penalties for violations. Join this webinar for advice from the FCC’s experts on what information must be placed in the file, when it must be filed, and how to use the FCC’s online public file database.


  • Rick Kaplan, general counsel and executive vice president, Legal and Regulatory Affairs, NAB
  • Jack Goodman, Law Offices of Jack N. Goodman

  • Robert (Bobby) Baker, chief, FCC Political Programming Branch
  • Gary Schonmann, special counsel, FCC Political Programming Branch
  • Sima Nilsson, attorney-advisor, FCC Political Programming Branch

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