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C-band Webinar

As part of the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) reallocation of the C-band, operators of registered C-band earth stations can choose to either have their actual costs of relocation covered, or can elect to receive a "lump sum" payment determined by the FCC. Earth station operators will need to think carefully - and quickly - about the pros and cons of each approach, as elections to choose the lump sum payment must be filed no later than September 14.

This panel of experts will discuss considerations associated with this choice as well as how to make the election procedurally. Topics will include:

  • What are the consequences of electing to choose the lump sum payment?
  • What should stations know before making their choice?
  • How does a station file an election, and what specific information is required?
  • Can a station change its mind after the deadline?
Panelists for this webinar include:
  • Matthew Pearl, assistant bureau chief, Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, FCC
  • Jim Schlichting, senior deputy chief, International Bureau, FCC
  • Kerry Murray, deputy chief, Satellite Division, International Bureau, FCC
  • Steve Corda, vice president, Technology, SES
  • Tom McNamara, vice president, Enterprise Program Management, Intelsat
  • Mark Johnson, president, LinkUp Communications
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