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RadioDNS Setup Tutorial

In the fall of 2020, both Audi and BMW will be selling automobiles with hybrid (over-the-air plus internet) radios in the US and Canada. Both the Audi and BMW hybrid radio implementations can display a station’s logo as part of the on-screen station guide, and the Audi hybrid radios will have the added ability to be able to switch between the over-the-air (OTA) and streaming audio versions of the radio program, for example, in locations where the OTA signal is unreceivable. To take advantage of these hybrid radio features, broadcasters must make station logo and streaming information available to the receiver, following the RadioDNS technical standards.

There are a number of service providers that can help broadcasters get set up to support hybrid radio using RadioDNS, but this is something broadcasters can do themselves, too. In this webinar, aimed at software developers, Nick and Andy will take viewers, step-by-step, on how to write code to generate a service information (SI) file from an existing database of station information, and registering with RadioDNS so that their radio station can utilize all the capabilities that the BMW and Audi hybrid radios have to offer. Following airing of the initial webinar, this program will be made available on-demand and serve as an on-going resource for broadcasters that want to provide their own RadioDNS support.

David Layer , VP, Advanced Engineering, NAB

Nick Piggott, Project Director, RadioDNS
Andy Buckingham, Creative Technologist, togglebit Ltd.
Christian Winter, Multimedia Engineer, Audi AG

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